Migrant Workers

Thank You for Our Food

The area between Santa Paula and Filmore, California is an area of citrus groves and fields, in this case strawberries. Loosely referenced from a photo I took from the car, the symmetric rows of strawberries against the unseen drop off into the arroyo draws the mountains into a relief back ground. I never pass field workers without a prayer of gratitude towards heaven for the provisions we often take for granted.  Acrylic on wraparound canvas. Unframed. 48×60.

Thank You For Our Food inspiration photo

Migrant Worker Tossing Onions

I saw a photo in a newspaper of a man who looked like a movie star tossing onions into a bin. His strength and generosity struck me.  While I cook my soups and sauces I think of him diligently working in this setting of horizontal lines against the brilliant sky. Acrylic on canvas. Framed. 31.25×16.25.

Migrant Workers at Dawn

Once I lived in Aromas, a small town near Salinas, California, where most of the Romaine lettuce of the world is produced, I am in awe of the care the farmers and workers take for the crops. Daily before dawn they are out in the fields harvesting food for our tables. Thousands of cars drive by on the roads next to the fields where they work, the drivers barely taking notice of the workers with unseen faces who provide them with fresh food daily. I wonder, do they think of them while eating their salad? Acrylic on canvas. Framed. 26.5×23.5.